10 Most Promising Smart Grid Technology Solution Providers - 2018

10 Most Promising Smart Grid Technology Solution Providers - 2018

Smart Grid technology today is being increasingly adopted to optimize electricity transmission, generation, and distribution, as it off ers an unprecedented opportunity to move the energy industry into a new era of economic and environmental health. Corroborating this fact are research reports which forecast the global Smart Grid market to grow at a CAGR of 19.4 percent and reach a total revenue of USD 50.65 billion by 2022. Smart Grid technology is thus not only providing a means to meet the major electricity requirements of today with greater capacity, reliability, and efficiency, but is also paving the way towards a future of affordable energy, energy security and climate change mitigation.

However, even with the many advantages of this technology, the power sector still faces signifi cant challenges in implementing smart grids, particularly in India where power theft, inadequate grid infrastructure, T&D losses, low metering efficiency and lack of awareness present concerns. As a result, this segment is increasingly in need of smart grid solution providers to not only help them address these challenges but to equip them with reliable and effi cient Smart Grid infrastructures and best practices for more efficient transmission of electricity, increased integration and improved security.

Perfectly understanding these demands of the industry, CIOReview offers assistance with a list of “10 Most Promising Smart Grid Technology Solution Providers.” This catalogue encompasses a set of skilled new-age vendors that have translated their acquired expertise into successful technology deliveries. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXOs, analysts and CIOReview editorial board, we believe that these companies have the technical skill sets and business acumen to cater to the expanding needs of the Smart Grid industry and bolster its growth.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 10 Most Promising Smart Grid Technology Solution Providers - 2018.

Top Smart Grid Technology Solution Providers

Company Name Company Description
Code Global Provider of home automation and smart energy solutions
Control Infotech Provider of solutions in the areas of Industrial Automation and Electrical Power
CyanConnode Provider of long range, low-power, end-to-end networking solutions
Enzen Provider of software-led IT solutions and services to large, medium and small scale organizations
ETAP Provider of automation software for electrical power systems
Fluentgrid Limited Provider of ICT solutions
Gmessys Provider of smartgrid solutions with energy management solutions
Inesh Smart Energy Provider of smart grid products, utility smart grid solutions and system integration
Nuratech labs Provider of smart grid management solutions, and advance metering of infrastructure
Velankani Group Provider of advanced electronics products like smart meter and smart plug