UX- The broad picture from 'what was' to 'what it's going to be'

Kamal Sharma, CIO, Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, Tally Solutions is a business management software product. It was the first to introduce codeless software, a natural language interface, path-breaking remote functionality and other unique capabilities. Tally powers more than 9 Lakh businesses worldwide.

In today’s technology space, the impact created by digital revolution has phenomenal after-effects on User experience. Huge success stories have been doing the rounds in tech fraternity about the impression of user experience and it stands to be the most important criteria for many of the tech products. Organizations have now made it a part of the DNA on which they thrive for success.

Peeking in to the history of user experience, we realize that there was zero emphasis on UX. The focus was more on functionality and features when it came to application or software product. Technology leaders accentuated on 'Outcome' while 'Experience' was on low priority. In earlier days introduction to GUI was an impressive move to enhance communication between product and user. This also opened up the huge potential for innovation in the user experience domain.

Recent researches on user experience show that the current user is having deep information channels and they have the right to pay attention. Today’s user is equipped with expectations and therefore demands greater experience while using the product, portal or app.

Mobility boon also inspired innovators to think about ways to deliver amazing user experience on diverse devices. Consequently, its fair to say that in this “Age of the Customer”, persistent & integrated user experience will be the key to success. A good example we see for intensified collaboration leading to delivery of exceptional User experience is online learning. We saw the shift in approach where Instructional designers, technologists and UX designers collaborated together to improve the user experience for learners.

Future Trends which one must watch out for in UX space are: Predictive user analytics, multi-channel & multi device experience, Artificial intelligence, voice recognition & gesture based design, wearable device, smart watches and smart or VR glasses experience.

Few years down the lane, content will be a vital factor to provide rich and personalised UX. It is very important to show correct information at the right time - information which is personalized, predictive and meaningful.

With content based focus we will see the User experience making shift to Targeted Experience (UX to TX), as businesses realise that it will provide more revenue generation perspectives. Targeted personalised experience will help organizations to involve the user in to experience, which will in turn generate delight, meet personal needs and trigger emotional involvement.

With more and more touch based devices increasing the market share rapidly, UX designers will increase the focus on this area, thereby increasing the anticipation from designers to get smarter about devices and its detection.

In the years to come, organizations will look out for empowering the user to help build relationship and exceed the user anticipations. The impact will surge beyond enterprises giving way to significant shift in Government sector where connecting to people is important.